Automotive Wheel Alignment Brake Service

There’s always high demand for trained professionals in skilled technical trades and that trend is expected to increase as the Baby Boomer generation retires. Opportunities within the automotive trades are also increasing as cars become more complex.

With ATC, you can train to become an auto mechanic, get involved in vehicle electronics or specialize in wheels and brakes, which includes wheel alignment training. About half your time is spent in the shop, where you will get hands-on instruction from some of the best automotive training instructors in Canada.

You will start earning a salary as an apprentice, which means you can earn while you learn. Better still, you will be doing something you love – working with cars.


About the Automotive Training Centre

Automotive Training Centre Methodology

At ATC, all instructors have extensive experience in their field. Theory is always supported by concrete examples and participation of all students is highly encouraged. Extensive shop training will provide you with hands-on experience under the guidance of your instructor.

Automotive Training Centre Class sizes

To ensure quality education, the number of students per program is limited. We find students get the best support and instruction with smaller class size.

Automotive Training Centre Study hours

A number of options are available to participants, ranging from full-time day courses to part-time evening courses. Please check each program for details.

Automotive Training Centre Job Placement Assistance

ATC has built a strong reputation for providing quality training validated by the industry. Our students are in demand and we are proud of the placement rate for graduating students. Our Counselor will assist you in finding the right career position for you.

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